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May 26, 2016
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How Important Is Social Media Anyway?

How Important is Social Media Anyway

Ever feel like you're in social media overload? You don't know which one to deal with first, next, last, never...and it's changing every second - it seems. So, how does a business owner know which social medium to use; which one will be most beneficial to his/her business? If the answers were concrete there'd be nothing to talk about here. Fortunately, for me, there are no concrete answers, so I could write a blog post about social media every day of the year. Yes, all 365 of them! Don't worry. I won't do that. What I will do is share some interesting things I heard, today, on iTALK radio.

Kingtrepreneur posed the questions about businesses and social media. How do business owners know which one to use? Do they need to use social media at all? How do they know when if it's working, etc.? All valid questions. All important questions.

Here's what we came up with:

#1 Before you can determine the social media platform that will best serve your business, you have to define your business goals.

If you don't have any idea what you want social media to accomplish for your business, there's no point in flailing around through several platforms, wasting time and money. By having a clear idea of how social media could possibly help your business, you'll be able to better determine which social media channel is worth a shot.

Yes. Contrary to what everyone seems to believe, it's not necessary to be everywhere on the Internet. Know where you customers are and be there. Be active, relevant, and intentional.

#2 It's wise to research a bit and understand which social media platforms may be best for your type of business.

For instance, if you make handmade items, own a salon or a boutique, Instagram would be a great place to start. It's visual. People scroll through Instagram feeds to see awesome stuff. Surely, you've seen the infamous men of Dubai with luxury cars and exotic animals. What about bodybuilding competitors and other fitness professionals? Awesome landscapes? Cutting edge architecture? Vis-u-al!

On the other hand, if you own a sanitation business, or a land clearing company, you may not have many visually pleasing photo opportunities. However, you may have great advice about cleaning, in general, or land elements, etc. So, use Facebook or Twitter to talk about your area of business, sharing tips and ideas.

#3 How you feel about Facebook is kind of irrelevant when it comes to business.

Why? It's the largest social media platform with the most users, so whether or not you're active there, having a Facebook presence is somewhat necessary.

Maybe you enjoy Twitter or Pinterest more than Facebook. That's fine. Just understand that numbers don't lie and there are super large numbers on Facebook's side. It's okay if the layout irks you, or you just don't "get it," but I'd strongly recommend having a page for your business information, at the very least. Don't really compute at all, or don't know much about Facebook? Have a friend, cousin, daughter, or freelancer create a nice Facebook page for your business. Then, let it sit - if you like. You don't need to do anything else with it. Make sure there's information on the page that will lead visitors to your most active social site.

For example:

Thank you for stopping by our Facebook page. You can find information about our business services and locations here, and for updates and day-to-day candids make sure you follow us on Twitter. See you there!

Everywhere you turn, there's an expert on something, selling something that's supposed to help you be better with social media. These gurus do have some knowledge (there are some bogus ones out there, but most are quiet relevant, actually); though, who's got the time to sit and learn about all these social mediums when there's business to run? I know, right?!? So, do yourself a favor and figure some things out before you even go down the social media road. The tips above should help, hopefully.

You don't have to be everywhere on social media, but wherever you are - if you expect some interaction and are hoping to gain leads that turn into paying clients - be present. Talk to people. Share valuable information...and here's something that might strike you by surprise... Just. Be. Social. How 'bout that?!?

~Jean Margaret



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